A perfect day

Today was A Perfect Day. A day made for the scenes they role during a film’s credits, after the happy ending unfolds just as we enthusiastically anticipated it would. In my memory this day will be the poster board for summer 2017. A day so crammed full of friends and Fun Activities I had no time to worry about the thousands of things that are hurtling towards me from the future, Huge and Frightening. Today was only a day of perfect things.

We went swimming in the river overlooked by Warwick castle. Puppies came to join us and children laughed as these crazy pale girls edging themselves slowly into filthy, freezing water. We lay in the sun and our skin tingled with the relief of the warmth, while we discussed everything that made us happy, and some things which made us sad. Then came the ice-cream which we ate under huge trees providing much-longed-for shade. Reluctantly we then had to wander home.

For our barbecue later that day we built a fort of multi-coloured scarfs in the garden, peppering the cave with mango-flavoured candles and heart-shaped fairy lights. We drank pimms and ate burgers and more ice-cream inside our kaleidoscope kingdom, sweating thighs against thighs. The boys took charge of the barbecue and, when the sausages wouldn’t brown, they sighed disgustedly when I suggested using the oven instead. We didn’t take each other seriously at all, softly laughing and mocking accents and traits. The mutual affection glimmered in the quiet evening sunlight.  We played games that made us even more idiotic, dancing under the washing line and mimicking celebrities. Eventually we started to pack up without anyone saying we ought to, the evening simply coming to a close with the last dregs of Pimms and a final round of yawning.

I have written this day down now, weaving it into a secure web of words that I can return to when I am far away from these wonderful, wonderful people. My Perfect Day can come along as I trek across the world to Santiago, and start a different life for a year.


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